Support for Behavioral Health and Addictions.

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Telehealth Recovery Network is a revolutionary wellness platform that offers video and text based sessions to support and treat behavioral health disorders and addictions.


Accessible anywhere using our online platform.


Urgent and continued support and care. All day, every day.


Immediate help or scheduled appointments.


Safe. Secure.

HIPPA compliant.

Multiple Pathways. One Goal.

Telehealth Recovery Network understands that there are many paths for wellness. 

Each healing path is personal and unique. 

Telehealth Recovery Network is committed to support people as they explore the best pathway to reach their optimum health.

We educate and empower our members by providing holistic options of care and support that feel right for them.

What We Support and Treat?

  • ADD and OCD

  • Alcoholism and Substance Use Disorders

  • Anger Control Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Bilpolar Disorders

  • Chronic Pain/Illness

  • Crisis Intervervention

  • Depression

  • Disabilities

  • Eating Disorders

  • Family and Relationship Issues

  • Gambling, Sex ,Video and Other Addictions

  • Grief

  • Identity Issues

  • Insomnia/Narcolepsy

  • Personality Disorders

  • Suicide Ideation

  • Trauma and PTSD

We created the Gold Standard in Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment and Support through our guided multifaceted approach.


Peer Recovery Professionals  Certified and Trained Professionals provide 24/7 on demand video-based live support and guidance.



Licensed Therapists

Licensed counselors are available for scheduled face to face video therapy sessions.



Holistic Resources

Research proven, self-guided online tools and other holistic providers to enhance your well being.



TRN Premium Plan

  • Unlimited 24/7 video/text session access to certified qualified peer recovery professionals

  • Ability to utilize other helpful tools and resources.




$46/ Week

TRN Premium Plan

  • Unlimited 24/7 video/text session access to certified qualified peer recovery professionals

  • Ability to utilize other helpful tools and resources.

  • Weekly Video Session with Licensed Counselors.


$134/ Week

TRN Premium Plan

For immediate help try a one time support or treatment video session.


$49/ Session


  • Secure and Confidential .

  • Gold Standard Care. Certified Peer Recovery Professionals and Licensed Counselors.

  •  Immediate, short term, and long-term mental health support and treatment.

  • Comfortable and convenient recovery support and access to therapy.

  • Immediate access to affordable and holistic support and care.

  • Proven and effective self-help tools to help your mental health and wellness at your own pace. 

  • Experience decreased depression and increased positive energy.

  • Improved health outcomes to support a balanced well-being.

  • Builds resilience in overcoming personal challenges.

  • Additional Gold Standard quality resources that are important and helpful in your recovery.

A World of Providers Within Reach

Telehealth Recovery Network's nationwide network has a Gold Standard of Care model that delivers our members success.


Virtually meet with: Mental Health and Addiction Peer Recovery Professionals, Therapists, Holistic Provider and have access to additional valuable resources.

We are always adding team-members to our fast growing national network.

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