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Self-Help Modules

Telehealth Recovery Network's Clinically Proven, Self-Help Modules powered by TAO Connect are available to all TRN Members.

TAO Connect is a research-based, effective treatment that uses modules and exercises to facilitate mental health treatment and life skills education.


Telehealth Recovery Network (TRN) provides our members the ability to curate their needs and address specific concerns and work at their own pace to resolve their immediate concerns or issues that they are experiencing.

Members have telehealth access to a platform of fun and educational videos, interactive exercises, an extensive mindfulness library, practice tools, and progress measure. Members may also be assigned TAO modules and exercises in between therapy sessions, which will enhance improvement.

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How do TRN’s Self-Help Modules powered by TAO Help?

Members who are struggling with relationship challenges, sadness, or other stressors can use TAO to empower and help to take charge of situations in their life that need addressing.


Our members can work on their goals whenever and wherever they’d like, at their own pace whether it’s 15 minutes, an hour or longer.


TAO has developed modules and exercises by using evidence-based solutions:

• CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

• BA: Behavioral Activation

• Interpersonal Relationships & Communication Skills

Are The Self-Help Modules Actually Effective ? 

In a clinical trial of TAO for anxiety, people treated with TAO’s online system were compared with people treated with traditional face-to-face weekly psychotherapy.

Those treated with TAO had more symptom improvement, a greater sense of well-being, and better life functioning than those treated with traditional therapy. It’s an effective way to help and another pathway on the journey of wellness.


The Content is Organized by Specific Topics of Concern:

• Stress and Coping with Stressful Situations

• Resilience, Grit, Personal Growth

• Relationships and Communication

• Health Related Concerns

• Anxiety, Worry, Specific Fears • Depression

• Substance Use and more...

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