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Licensed Therapists

Telehealth Recovery Network's Licensed Therapists are available for scheduled Live Chat, Video or Voice based sessions.

TRN Therapists are educated and highly trained to treat our member's wide range of behavioral health disorders and addiction.


Our therapists have a minimum of master's degree in a mental health or related discipline. They are State Licensed and Board-Certified Professional Counselors or Social Workers. We hand select each of our therapists to ensure our members receive the finest care available.


Telehealth Recovery Network has created a Gold Standard of Care based on training, core values, methods of care and the unique needs of our members. Our members have options to choose from an extensive provider list as to which therapist fits their own unique need. This allows our members to be most comfortable during their personal journey

On a Video Call

How do TRN Licensed Professional Therapists Help?

Our therapists are passionate in their profession and always show respect, concern, and understanding to our members. They assess, diagnose and use evidence-based treatments. Their work is performed in telehealth clinical setting, documented, updated and secured with impeccable clinical record keeping. They are also granted access to our TRN Self-Paced Modules powered by TAO to help further enhance the therapy experience and outcomes.


Our therapists work collaboratively and communicate conditions and needs to members served and to their families or caregivers when appropriate. Therapists are advocates and serve as supporters and encouragers for members to advocate for themselves as well.


They are seasoned at handling any crisis and regularly assess risk level (including but not limited to suicide risk) and make appropriate clinical adjustments to interventions or personal levels of care. When members served are in crisis, our therapists help to manage their crisis and develop prevention and safety plans and work to ensure good outcomes.

What Sets TRN Licensed Therapists Apart from Others?

TRN therapists are highly screened and monitored to ensure our TRN’s Gold Standard of Care. They have a strong background in treating the populations we serve and make best clinical decisions including referrals to our many available resources. Culture and language are never a barrier.


Our therapists are continually educated and knowledgeable of trends and advancements in the field of their practice. They use the support of colleagues for input on challenging cases. Our therapists support an environment that enhance positive self-image. They bring self-awareness and emotional self-regulation to members with the goal of healing from within and improving the quality of life of each of our members.


They are helping to heal the world, one member at a time.

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