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Our Purpose

Telehealth Recovery Network (TRN) is committed to help you find your own pathway to optimum health. We believe in empowering our members by providing options of care and support that feel right for you. The choice is yours because your healing path is a personal one.

Our Mission is to heal the world from mental health disorders and addictions, one member at a time.

Our Vision is to become the Gold Standard of virtual mental health support and treatment. 

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How We Can Help
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How We Can Help

My TRN platform is secure, easily accessible and can be used anywhere at any time to fit your personal schedule. You have the option to find a provider for immediate service or you can choose to schedule an appointment. Our Network is built to bring you the highest level of care and support always at an affordable price.

Our Standard of Excellence 

TRN has established

a Gold Standard of Care which promises our members the highest quality healthcare.

Our providers are culturally qualified, highly trained and experienced to help bring you success in your recovery journey.

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How It Works

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Our Providers

You can choose to use one or many of our providers as you build your team of support.


Our Providers: Licensed and/or certified. Field Experience. Accountable. Caring. Handle Crisis. Insured, Licensed and certified. Field Experience. Accountable. Caring. Handle Crisis. Insured.

  • Peer Recovery Professionals

  • Therapists (Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy)

  • Integrative and Holistic Providers

Helping You Overcome Barriers

TRN understands your challenges. We help you identify and navigate past your obstacles and work with you to overcome your personal barriers.

We guide you through the process of finding your own personal roadmap to wellness. You will gain control of your life as you work to identify emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We ease the burden of financial stress in finding good care by giving you affordable access to support.

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Giving Back

"OUR TRN" is TRN's giving back program. 

As a part of our mission to heal the world we are committed to allocating a percentage of our profit towards providing free support and treatment to underserved communities and first responders. 

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