Peer Recovery Professionals (PRP)

24/7 - 365 days a year.

Face-to-face video and

text support.

Our Peer Recovery Professionals

  • Highly trained and Gold Standard certified for mental health and substance use disorders.

  • Proven passionate and caring individuals.

  • Experts at developing a trusting bond and forming an accountability partnership.

  • Seek to maintain a lasting personal connection. 

  • Educate and train on life balance.

  • Assess individual needs, explore doubts, fears and examine family interaction.

  • Look at obstacles, dreams and desires and work together to create a winning plan.

  • Guide thru breaking barriers and accomplishing goals.  

  • Encourage our members, bring hope, provide proven resources.

  • Help to prevent setbacks in the journey of recovery.

  • Collaborate with other professionals if needed.

  • Honors values and helps to guide through making principle-based decisions.

For Clients 

Peer Recovery Professionals (PRP) serve as your personal guide.

 The focus is always on you.  Our goal is to help improve your quality of life and build resiliency for your future,  through a healing centered and strength-based approach, a clear and collaborative plan is created for your success.  We work to identify your best healing pathway and assist you in navigating through your journey and helping you to sustain recovery.  

For Families/Friends

Peer Recovery Professionals assist family members and friends by educating and supporting your needs in respect to your loved ones and your own personal self-care.  

We help sort through the difficult landscape

 of the various recovery options and assist you in finding your personal healing pathway.


Our providers help guide you as you build plans to heal yourself, loved one or friend.

Length of Services

The length of the relationship is as brief or enduring as client chooses.  We recommend a 3-month minimum is with weekly or bi- weekly sessions, however, one can use every day and can last as long as months or years.

Find your Virtual Care Pathway 

There are many paths of recovery. We know the first year is crucial and having support can make the difference in your success.

People will choose their recovery pathway based on a number of factors including 

cultural values, socio-economic status, psychological and behavioral needs. 


The TRN app, along with the assistance from a Peer Recovery Professional will help individual identify a pathway of Recovery that best meets them where they are at whether it be initiation or sustaining stage. 


There is no one pathway of recovery that works for everyone, however, with ongoing support, connection and access to healing centered approaches individuals and families can find a pathway that works for them and their needs. 

TRN also has inter app referral connections to experts in holistic and professional counseling and therapeutic fields of care.  Granting access to financial coaches, spiritual guides, doctors and more, the TRN app can help create a virtual care team for anyone. 

What is a Gold Standard Peer Recovery Professional ? 

Our Peer Recovery Professionals are better than other peer coaches because they are highly trained  individuals with culturally qualified lived experiences and have been strictly interviewed and certified by nationally acclaimed peer training organizations.


In addition they are Telehealth trained and certified by Telehealth Recovery Network and must complete ongoing continuing education modules.

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