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Peer Recovery Professionals (PRP)

24/7 - 365 days a year.

Face-to-face, video, live chat or voice support.

Our Peer Recovery Professionals

Peer Recovery is one of the oldest forms of helping in existence. For as long as we have had records, we have seen evidence of people connecting with one another to support each other through similar circumstances.   


Peer Recovery Professionals are individuals with the lived experience of a particular issue, who have pursued a path of wellness & recovery relating to that issue, have taken highly specialized training to help others, and are willing to use their story to support others experiencing similar circumstances. 


We leverage the magic that comes from shared experience.  Our Peer Recovery Professionals identify with a variety of mental health, substance use, and co-occurring conditions.  In addition, they are highly trained and have completed State and Nationally recognized Peer Recovery training programs. Our Peer Recovery Professionals are held to our Gold Standard of Care, which includes ongoing comprehensive training in the most current Peer Support and Recovery education topics.   

For Clients 

Peer Recovery Professionals (PRP) serve as your personal guide.

The focus is always on you. Our goal is to help improve your quality of life and build resiliency for your future,  through a healing centered and strength-based approach, a clear and collaborative plan is created for your success. We work to identify your best healing pathway and assist you in navigating through your journey and helping you to sustain recovery.  

For Families/Friends

Peer Recovery Professionals assist family members and friends by educating and supporting your needs in respect to your loved ones and your own personal self-care.

We help sort through the difficult landscape

 of the various recovery options and assist you in finding your personal healing pathway.


Our providers help guide you as you build plans to heal yourself, loved one or friend.


Length of Services

The length of the relationship is as brief or enduring as client chooses.  We recommend a 3-month minimum is with weekly or bi- weekly sessions, however, one can use every day and can last as long as months or years.

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How does a Peer Recovery Professional Help? 

  • Listening. Peer Recovery Professionals are highly trained in active listening techniques.  They provide a non-judgmental space for discussing both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.   

  • Education. Peer Recovery Professionals educate on Wellness & Recovery, coping strategies, and problem-solving skills.  

  • Coaching.  Peer Recovery Professionals work alongside individuals as they set and pursue goals that are personally meaningful to their wellness & recovery. 

  • Connection. Peer Recovery Professionals focus on developing trust and rapport. They aim to develop a helping relationship based on mutuality and transparency. Peer Recovery Professionals believe that each person is the expert on their own recovery.  

  • Role Modeling. Peer Recovery Professionals model wellness & recovery behaviors and share examples of how to live a wellness & recovery lifestyle. 

  • Providing HOPE. Peer Recovery Professionals share key aspects of their story to model resilience, recovery, and strength. Peer Recovery Professionals personify hope by being living proof that recovery is possible, success is attainable, and life does indeed get better.   

What is a Gold Standard Peer Recovery Professional ? 

  • Have completed national or state level peer specialist training programs 

  • Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience providing peer services 

  • May have experienced what you are experiencing. They have transformed through their own challenges and now successfully help others 

  • Have a strong knowledge of recovery and peer support principles 

  • Receive intensive ongoing internal training to ensure best practices 

  • Are provided access to self-care tools and resources that promote overall wellness  

  • Understand that complete anonymity is of utmost importance and is the cornerstone of a healthy peer to peer relationship 

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