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College and University Program

Give students the 24/7 mental support, tools and resources to become balanced, well-grounded and successful graduates. 

Your students will never have to wait for the help they often desperately need.

College Students

My TRN is a revolutionary multifaceted wellness platform that offers 24/7, on-demand, virtual sessions and self-help modules to support and treat behavioral health disorders and addictions. 
  Your students will have access to use My TRN app, our gold standard peer recovery professionals, licensed counselors, and scientifically proven, self-guided programs on their PCs, tablet or phone.


Reality in College Life


Anxiety and Depression

45% female and 36% male college students report feeling so depressed at times that it is difficult to  function.


Social Stigmas and Fear

Students cited embarrassment as the #1 reason they do not seek help for their mental health or addiction, instead they struggle alone in silence.

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Substance and Alcohol Use Disorders

 37% of college students have used or use illicit substances. 45% have reported binge drinking.

Smiling Student in Lecture

The Solution is Here


Telehealth Recovery Network has a solution.

We designed our program to complement your College's Counseling and Psychological services.

There is a historic increase in students seeking counseling services. The old traditional counseling methods are failing. Many students are forced to endure long periods without help and put on wait lists for weeks or months, leaving many students to struggle alone in silence for years or even a lifetime.

TRN is breaking all barriers with our highly impactful University & College program.

Students will have secure access to immediate and continuous support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  On an average day, through finals, holiday break and all summer long, students can rely on being heard and helped whenever and wherever they are. They will have all the support they need during one of the most important milestones in their life.


Continuum of Care through a Multifaceted Approach


We created the Gold Standard in Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment and Support through our guided multifaceted approach.


Peer Recovery Professionals  Certified and Trained Professionals provide 24/7 on demand video, live chat or voice based  support and guidance.



Licensed Professional Therapists

Licensed counselors are available for scheduled face to face video, live chat or voice therapy sessions.



Self-Help Modules

Research proven, self-help  online tools powered by TAO Connect and other holistic providers to enhance your well being.


What We Support and Treat?

  • ADD and OCD

  • Alcoholism and Substance Use Disorders

  • Anger Control Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Disorders

  • Chronic Pain/Illness

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Depression

  • Disabilities

  • Eating Disorders

  • Family and Relationship Issues

  • Gambling, Sex ,Video and Other Addictions

  • Grief

  • Identity Issues

  • Insomnia/Narcolepsy

  • Personality Disorders

  • Suicide Ideation

  • Trauma and PTSD


A Mental Health Model that Delivers Success

TRN's has a national Gold Standard Continuum of Care Model that delivers success to students and provides sustainable and measurable outcomes.


We are committed to support students as they explore and choose their best pathway towards personal wellness. Our recovery professionals help students navigate through  difficult unchartered territories and assist them into becoming better decision makers who have safe and positive outcomes. 

Having a personal peer recovery professional gives students a renewed strength as they develop their own power to overcome their obstacles and fears. Knowing their mental health support team is available to them 24/7  can be vital for them through their most important college years.

TRN also helps to educate and empower students by providing holistic options of care and other valuable resources that help them become focused and succeed.

Students virtually meet through video/text with: Mental Health and Addiction Peer Recovery Professionals, Therapists, Holistic Providers, Self guided Wellness Plans and more.

We make it easy and enjoyable for students to choose to invest time in their own mental health.

Get Your Team Ready


Contact us and choose a plan.


Invite your students into the program.


Your students receive

live video, chat or voice sessions and other wellness and support tools.


  • Embraces the need for a student mental health program as a complement to current school services. 

  • Addresses student mental health by offering immediate, short term and/or long-term holistic support and treatment.

  • Helps to eliminate the stigma of seeking mental health services.

  • Affordable, easily accessible, private and secure coaching/therapy.

  • Reduces student stress, anxiety, depression, absenteeism, legal issues, social issues, sleeplessness, substance or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, violence, overall physical health issues, suicide ideation and possibly death from overdose or suicide.

  • Investing in student mental health wellness yields a return on investment and may help to lower dropout rates and increase school entry decisions.

  • Changing and saving lives yielding improved behavioral health outcomes.

  • Increased energy, resiliency, self esteem, productivity and focus.

  • Happy and balanced well-being and environment.

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