Holistic Resources

Telehealth Recovery Network's Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) based Self-Paced Modules are available to all TRN Members.

Telehealth Recovery Network's core philosophy is in healing each areas of one's life to in order to create a balanced strong self. Treating one area without the other can be fruitless and counter effective. We are committed to provide our members with the best possible resources to plug into and connect with a world of healing that will yield the best possible outcomes.

Telehealth Recovery Network gives our members access to holistic providers and consultants who guide, teach and fully empower people to reach the most desired, satisfying and fulfilled life possible. The goal is to provide our members with the best toolbox filled with special training, individualized tools and exclusive trainers.

Alternative Medicine, Nutrition, Spiritual Guidance, Financial Support, and more resources are made available for our members to create their own healing pathways.

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